The Professional Cleaning

The Professional Cleaning

The Professional Cleaning

The Right People, the Right Equipment, The Right Choice

Duct Blasters serves residential and commerical customers in Calgary and the surrounding area with a fleet of high-tech trucks. Our trained technicians have the ability to tackle jobs of all sizes and will ensure your ducts supply clean air to every room of your home. Duct Blasters is your one stop for all Furnace and Duct Cleaning needs and our service is guaranteed.

The Brush Method

All vent lines, are scrubbed entirely with our Silica Carbide rotary brush system. With your heating system still under suction, our technician will brush the inside of the ductwork. This includes the sides, tops, and bottoms of your furnace ducts from the register all the way to the main lines, removing the caked on dirt and dust. This procedure is then duplicated on the both the hot and cold mainlines.

We highly recommend the brush method where vigorous scrubbing action is needed or if your ducts have not been cleaned for several years or if you have just finished renovating.

New Houses Need Cleaning Too

If you are moving into a newly constructed house, and have doubts about the diligence of the construction crew, duct cleaning can be useful. Drywall dust, fibreglass pieces and sawdust have no place in your ducts. Duct cleaning will remove these materials. Duct cleaning will also catch the odd occurrence where lunch bags or soft drink cans have fallen or been swept into the ducting. For similar reasons, duct cleaning is advisable for all houses following renovations.