The Professional Cleaning Service in Calgary

The Professional Cleaning Service in Calgary

The Professional Cleaning Service in Calgary

Duct Blasters – Where spotless cleaning comes to your door!

Start Breathing Cleaner Air Today! Duct Blasters is your one stop for all Furnace and Duct Cleaning needs, always deliver you solutions worth every cent of the money you pay in Calgary and the surrounding area.
Perhaps you may have many questions about the quality of our service. Well, we always arrange a short meeting before cleaning residential and commercial HVAC systems to find out your expectation. We discuss the date and time when work can be performed at the same time on-site evaluation can be conducted.
We always try to provide Eco friendly service using chemical free products to address all safety and environmental concerns.

The Brush Method

All vent lines, are scrubbed entirely with our Silica Carbide rotary brush system. With your heating system still under suction, our technician will brush the inside of the ductwork. This includes the sides, tops, and bottoms of your furnace ducts from the register all the way to the main lines, removing the caked on dirt and dust. This procedure is then duplicated on the both the hot and cold mainlines.

We highly recommend the brush method where vigorous scrubbing action is needed or if your ducts have not been cleaned for several years or if you have just finished renovating.

New Houses Need Cleaning Too

Renovated home, but mess left. It’s nice to get rid of all the dust and decorate space before settled back, but it’s a tedious process, that bears in your mind. Duct blasters post renovative facility left no dust particle when our cleaning process is completed to let you relax and enjoy the space you have chosen.