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Unit G, 2121 39th Ave NE Calgary, Canada
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The winters in Calgary can be tough to endure without some warm water. How many times do you need water in your day-to-day activities? Be it for washing hands, or some other need? Well, the count is undefined. To make your daily life during winters a bit more convenient, Duct Blasters offer you the installation of a water heater system.

Is your water heating plan expedient and pocket-friendly at the same time? If you never thought of it this way, here’s an alternative that can be wholly efficient for your residence.

Water heating systems as your winter savior

You must be wondering why opt for a full-fledged water heating system installation when you can rent it or buy individual geysers? The process might sound huge, but Duct Blasters will turn all your chilled water nightmares into warm dreams. Installation of a water heating system offers multiple benefits.

  • Warm water on demand :  Waiting for your water to get warm on a busy day can be frustrating. With installed water heating systems, you can get warm water as and when you demand it. Whether you need warm water at the kitchen counter or to do your laundry, you can instantly avail of hot water.
  • Save your pockets : Installing a source water heating system can save your pockets. You might be wondering how? Well, with individual heating units placed in your kitchen, washrooms, etc., the total energy usage will be multiplied as compared to a central energy load.

Hot Water Heater Installation Starts From $999

Consider Your Water Heater Alternatives

When booking a consultation with us, our experts and personnel will go through some essential pointers necessary to determine your home needs precisely. We help you make the right decision.

Water Tank Capacity & flow rate

It is essential to study and understand your residence’s water needs and tank capacity. If you do not require a lot of pressure from your taps, adjust the flow rate to consume lesser energy and vice versa.

Gas or Electric? 

Choose your heating equipment wisely. Although gas heating might have lower explicit costs, its implicit expenses of ventilation, fuel, etc., might become a headache.

Tank or Tankless?

 Water heaters can be of varying types, like storage tank water heaters, and tankless water heaters. According to your viability and needs, choose the most efficient option for you. While tankless heaters are less of a hassle and might save you standby energy, storage tank heaters have other benefits.

With Duct Blasters, once you schedule a consultation, we will ensure you can decide on every pro and con of your water heater installation.

How the Duct Blaster Professional do it
First:  Our experts will pay a visit and plan how they’re thinking of going about it. They will also ask you questions on your preferences and water usage to get to know the capacity.
  • Second: Second: If you have any previously installed machine or heater(s), we will remove that and install the new one as discussed. Besides, if you are looking for repairs or checkups for your heating system, we can do that too.
  • Lastly: Once the plan is mapped and you decide on the date, our experts arrive punctually and set up your water heating system. We always respect your choices. Thus once you are happy with the capacity, model, and type of heating system, we can proceed swiftly.
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Frequently Asked Questions
You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.
What are the signs of failing water heaters?
Any change in temperature levels, unusual sounds from the units, or water quality issues can indicate a failing water heating system. Call for a consultancy to get your system inspected now!
What are some upgrades we can consider?
Self-cleaning units help your water heaters to operate with better efficiency for a more extended period. Auto shut-off valves can prevent fires or any other form of gas leakage.
Are there any cost differences in gas and electric water heaters?
While electric heaters might cost more to maintain and operate, gas heaters are more costly upfront.
While electric heaters might cost more to maintain and operate, gas heaters are more costly upfront.
Well, the installation doesn’t take much time with the customer’s cooperation. We deliver new water heaters the next day of booking too, and the installation can be completed within 2-4 hours.
How to know if my water heating system requires repairs?
When you book a consultancy with us, our experts will examine your systems. After which, they will judge a few parameters based on which you will be advised to either repair or replace it.
Can I install a water heater myself?
Unprofessional installation attempts can risk your family’s health. Apart from that, you may not be able to resell your place with unprofessionally installed heating units. We recommend using expert, licensed professionals to do the installation.

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