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Your house’s duct system is responsible for the constant ventilation of your spaces. You wouldn’t want the air circulating inside your homes to be unpleasant in any way, would you? Duct Blasters bring you comprehensive duct cleaning solutions to maintain a pleasant temperature and cleanse the airflow indoors. Our super-effective contaminant-prone cleaning techniques will help you get rid of bacteria and fungus.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

An interrelated system that ensures a systematic and gratifying atmosphere is the HVAC system. Nowadays, most residential and commercial buildings set up such systems to make every day a bit more comfortable and pleasing. While heating and air conditioning work for specific durations, ventilation works all around the year. The ventilators help keep the air inside rid of excess humidity and provide just the correct amount of moisture that you need. Occasional cleaning of the HVAC system will allow you to maintain its performance.

Duct Cleaning Starts From $129.99

  • ✓ Each additional vent is $9.95
  • ✓ AC or high-efficiency cleaning add $34.95
  • ✓ Supply Standard  8 Furnace Filter
  • ✓ Clean Furnace Blower Motor
  • ✓ Clean Hot Water Tank Burners
  • ✓  High-pressure Air Wash
  • ✓ Back Skipper Including

How Duct Blaster Professionals Do It

  • At First, We Do The Inspection Our very first step is to thoroughly inspect your furnaces, vents, and ducts for any leaks or kinks. Apart from that, we have our equipment to estimate the build-up in the ducts to make the cleaning process adequate.
  • Next, We Create Negative Air Pressure We have large, portable, truck-mounted vacuum accumulation devices with excellent suction power. These are capable of entirely collecting the dirt and debris from your ducts. Our experts make sure perfect sealing of the registers before initiating the suction process.
  • Now We Would Finish Dusting Our fine technicians use rotating brushes, compressed air tools, and simple vacuum cleaners to secure each and every dirt particle into the accumulation device.
  • Lastly, the Ultimate Cleaning Process Apart from the duct, other parts of the HVAC system need cleaning as well. We ensure that we leave your residence with a duct system as good as new. Motors, air handlers, evaporators, etc., are the other components we stress upon.
  • Duct Blasters believe in the air as fresh as nature. Thus if you want your indoors rejuvenated, contact us for an inspection of your ducts and furnaces.
HVAC system as your residence’s respiratory system

Well, the question of whether or not you should clean your HVAC system is a common question across every household. While most of us do not lay much stress on duct cleaning, it plays a vital role in maintaining the environment of our houses. Over time, the ventilation ducts, air conditioning, and heating instruments might pile up some unwanted dust and other contaminating particles. Apart from that, there are some more additional benefits:

Energy conservation : Contaminants in your ducts like dust, animal dander, pollen, and various other particles can significantly boost the working of the appliances. As a result of the extra thrust, your system can use up to 25-40% more energy. Duct Blasters ensure that your system works effectively without any energy loss.

Air Quality : Contaminants and particles in your duct can affect the health of the people indoors in the long term. Apart from particles, with time, microorganisms like bacteria and fungus find their way inside the ducts. Even other harmful gases from the furnaces keep circulating in the system if you do not make frequent investigations. Duct Blasters will take care of the entire routine of investigation up to fine cleaning. If you want duct repairs, we also have experts who can fix and make your ducts work just as new.
Your duct system also plays a crucial role in replenishing the oxygen of your spaces. It is essential to breathe fresh. Do not wait anymore, and book your investigations with Duct Blasters. Check whether your ducts are working at par; ensure moisture-balanced healthy air ventilation in your residences, and much more.

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I’ve had carpet cleaners and cleaning services in and out of my rental unit, and nobody could get the smell of wet dog out of there from my previous tenants. Duct Blasters came and took care of it for me. I’m 100% satisfied and I will be using them again. - Mary Edwards
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Thanks for your superb job today. This is just to let you know that your technician, Dave, did an awesome job today. He had the right attitude, showed genuine concern, and cared for my needs. He answered all my questions in a professional, respectful, and polite manner. The other guy (Dilian) too was calm and thorough. Great team and I am looking forward to having you next year. - Kunle Lemboye
What Our Clients Say
Phillp and Aly did a great job. They were professional and also they did a good job cleaning my furnace. - Dollie Wilson
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Frequently Asked Questions
You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.
How long does Duct Cleaning Calgary take?
The cleaning time depends on the number and condition of your vents. Usually, systems have at least ten vents that should be cleaned. Whether a one-person or a two-person team cleans the ducts, the whole cleaning process can take 2-4 hours.
Can I clean the ducts by myself?
You may try to maintain your ducts, but you cannot clean them by yourself. You would need a professional to use rotary brushes and high-power vacuums that most residential homes do not have in their garage. Moreover, improper cleaning would result in expensive repairs in the future.
When is the right time for booking duct cleaning services?
Following a regular maintenance routine, is the best way to book the cleaning services and make your HVAC system last longer. However, you should also look out for molds, dust, and insects that you may find in your space from time to time. That calls for cleaning time.
Can I cover the outdoor unit during winter and fall?
You must not cover your outdoor unit and operate it irrespective of the season. When you cover the unit during operation, it impedes necessary airflow. This will damage your unit altogether.
How do I know that my system has been cleaned properly?
Visual inspection would help you determine whether your HVAC system has been cleaned efficiently. Inspect the system before the cleaning services arrive. Once they are done, you can use a mirror and a flashlight to check the system.
How do I choose a good HVAC professional cleaning service?
Look for services that are members of the NADCA. Air duct cleaning service providers have to meet strict requirements and pass tests for becoming a NADCA member. They even sign the Code of Ethics which binds them to provide you with the best cleaning that money can buy.

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