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Unit G, 2121 39th Ave NE Calgary, Canada
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Air Conditioner Tune Up Services in Calgary

Trusted Air Conditioner Tune Up Services at Competitive Rates by licensed professionals

Don’t risk your air conditioner breaking in the middle of the hot and humid summer. Call us for air conditioner tune up services, so that your unit is all ready to beat the heat. Duct Blasters is one of the leading air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation service in Calgary, offering competitive quotes against AC tune-up services.

Signs that You Need Air Conditioner Tune Up

Tune-up is a part of air conditioner maintenance, which ensures that the unit functions seamlessly without any glitch. If your air conditioner is acting up and not performing at its best, that is a sign that it needs a professional air conditioner tune up.

Look for the signs mentioned below, and if they are visible waste no time in dialling our number for a quick tune-up service. 

  • ✓ Increase in energy consumption leading to a hefty bill.
  • ✓ Insufficient airflow from the AC vents.
  • ✓ Fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels
  • ✓ Bad odour, strange noises, and other tell-tale signs of AC failure. 

Air Conditioner Tune Up
Starts From $129.00

As you can see that the signs are identical to AC failure. So, when you hire us for the job, we will first inspect to see your unit needs a tune-up or a repair, and get on with it. We have the best professionals with years of experience so you can rest assured that your AC is in good hands.

Relevance of Regular Air Conditioner Tune Up

Air conditioner tune up is necessary for multiple reasons, most importantly, to increase the longevity of the unit. Regular tune-up and maintenance ensure that:

  • ✓ Optimum temperature levels across space with uninterrupted airflow.
  • ✓ Minimal energy consumption reduces the bill amount.
  • ✓ Significantly fewer instances of AC breakdown.
  • ✓ Long-lasting unit with high performance and efficacy.
What Our Air Conditioner Tune Up Services Include

Duct Blasters has the best response time among its peers. Once we receive a call for a tune-up, our technicians reach the location of the job in just a few hours and deliver execution with favourable results. Our Air conditioner tune up includes:

  • ✓ Inspection of the relays and start and run capacitors.
  • ✓ Inspection and replacement (if needed) of the air filter.
  • ✓ Inspection of the blower motor and belt.
  • ✓ Inspection of the evaporator coil and disconnect box.
  • ✓ Measuring the motor voltage and the amperage.
  • ✓ Checking the electrical connections and measure their intensity.
  • ✓ Testing the temperature levels
  • ✓ Testing the refrigerant charge.
  • ✓ Adjusting the blower speed.
  • ✓ Testing of all the controls.
  • ✓ Flush of the condensate drain.
  • ✓ Cleansing the condenser coils and contactors.

Feel free to reach out to us with any queries regarding air conditioner tune up before hiring our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Does AC tune-up increase the unit’s longevity?
It’s a part of regular maintenance so that the AC unit functions properly without any disturbance. Tune-up at regular intervals enhances the performance of the AC unit.
Is AC tune-up an expensive service?
Duct Blasters offers affordable packages and competitive quotes to its clients for tune-up services. Our prices will fit well within your budget.
How frequently should I tune up my air conditioner?
It depends on the condition of your AC and its age. However, we recommend that you perform AC tune-up at least once a year.
Can you tune up air conditioners of all makes and models?
Our team is well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to repair and tune up AC units of all makes and models, including the older versions.
Our team is well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to repair and tune up AC units of all makes and models, including the older versions.
Once you call us requesting a service we can reach your place in just a few hours, faster if you need an emergency tune-up or repair.

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