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Unit G, 2121 39th Ave NE Calgary, Canada
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AC Repair Services in Calgary

Affordable and Effective Service with Best Response Time in the Industry

With the summer sun baking everything outside, the last thing you need to experience is the stifling heat transitioning indoors! Save yourself from the air-conditioning fiasco with prompt, effective, and reasonably quote AC repair services by Duct Blasters. Our team of qualified and highly operational professionals equipped with years of experience and the latest tools of the trade will get your AC up and running in no time!

The trick to keeping your AC up and running for a long time is regular maintenance and servicing. However, electronic appliances can be unpredictable and even with the best of care might require a little tweaking from time to time. In that case, you can avert the major AC failure disasters, by deducing the early signs.

AC Repair Starts From As low As $89

Warm and Weak Airflow

If your AC unit is failing to cool down the room even when cranking up the freezing point, that is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with the system. The room might take longer to cool down due to weak airflow from the vents, which is another reason why you must call us for AC repair services.

Repeated Cooling Cycles

It is normal for AC units to have routine cycles for cooling, more frequently during the summer months. However, if the unit experiences on and off cooling cycles, that is not normal.

Humid Indoors

The AC not only cools down the indoor temperatures but also dehumidifies the living space. So, anytime you feel that it’s getting hot and stifling inside that means it’s time to call for repairs.

A leak from the Unit

A fully functioning AC unit is not supposed to leak. It only happens if the internal refrigerant and cooling system is broken and needs repair.

Foul Odour and Weird Noises

Lastly, these are the most distinct signs that you need immediate AC repair services. A foul odour can be a sign of microbial growth inside the unit, while weird noises usually happen if something’s broken inside.

Anytime you experience any of the above, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will reach you in no time, no matter the day or time and fix up the unit, ensuring your optimum living conditions indoors.

Why Hire us to Repair your AC Unit

Duct Blasters has been serving the residents and commercial establishments in and around Calgary for years. Owing to our industry-best response time, effective repair work, and a legion of satisfied repeat clients, we have earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted AC repair services in Calgary. Hiring us, you can benefit from our:

  1. Team of credible, qualified, licensed, and experienced technicians.
  2. Ability to fix AC units of all makes and models (old and new).
  3. Flexible quote to meet your budget needs.
  4. Adherence to industry guidelines and compliances.
  5. Quick response and repair time.
  6. Team of credible, qualified, licensed, and experienced technicians.
  7. Ability to fix AC units of all makes and models (old and new).
  8. Flexible quote to meet your budget needs.
  9. Adherence to industry guidelines and compliances.
  10. Quick response and repair time.
Inspection, execution, and maintenance; we live by our protocol for delivering the best AC repair services to our clients.
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I’ve had carpet cleaners and cleaning services in and out of my rental unit, and nobody could get the smell of wet dog out of there from my previous tenants. Duct Blasters came and took care of it for me. I’m 100% satisfied and I will be using them again. - Mary Edwards
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Thanks for your superb job today. This is just to let you know that your technician, Dave, did an awesome job today. He had the right attitude, showed genuine concern, and cared for my needs. He answered all my questions in a professional, respectful, and polite manner. The other guy (Dilian) too was calm and thorough. Great team and I am looking forward to having you next year. - Kunle Lemboye
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Phillp and Aly did a great job. They were professional and also they did a good job cleaning my furnace. - Dollie Wilson
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Frequently Asked Questions
You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.
How expensive can AC repair service get?
It depends on the kind of work and the level of the damage. We can assure you of a reasonable quote so that it does not hurt your budget
How do I prevent frequent AC repair?
Regular maintenance by professionals is required to keep your AC unit in good shape. Even then, some units might encounter minor glitches we can easily repair for you.
Do you repair all kinds of AC units (make and model)?
Yes, we repair all kinds of AC units in every make and model, both old and new manufactures.
How long does it take for you to respond to a repair call?
We have the quickest response time in the entire area. Once we receive a call, we spare no time in reaching the clients’ location.
When is the right time to replace an air-conditioning system?
It would require us to conduct an extensive inspection, which is our regular protocol, to tell you if the unit needs replacing.

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