duct-cleaning-serviceFurnace Cleaning Service in Calgary 
It’s very essential to get ductwork cleaned periodically to prevent harmful build up of bacteria and mould but it isn’t something you should tackle yourself. Duct Blasters full service expert maintaining cleanliness and good hygiene levels in ventilation systems to ensure high indoor air quality.

Highlights of our furnace and duct cleaning service:

  • We use a truck mounted powerful system.
  •  The entire Air Duct System is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Our Viper Technology for a Safe Furnace & Duct Cleaning.
  • Multi-Point System Check™ to detect any malfunctions

Calgary’s best Choice
numberBreathe a sigh of relief and make your life easy breezy with Duct and Furnace cleaning, which makes your surrounding air clean and fit to inhale. Our service is designed to fit into every house that’s why since 2004, We service all the Calgary and its surrounding areas by using differenet type of duct and furnace cleaning methods but for every service select the appropriate one according to the requirement of given application. From initial assessment to deep cleaning we provide an exemplary service – removing all your worries. Our motive is not just earning money but the customer satisfaction to enable us for your next service whenever required.

We are Calgary’s best Choice and always try hard to maintain our hard earned reputaion for bringing added value to the life of our clients with our legal environment friendly services.

Our Expert Cleaning Process:
• A minimum of 2 Furnace Cleaning Calgary Technicians are sent to your address
• Multi-Point System Check™ is done as well as a pre-test of the furnace
• The blower is removed and also cleaned.
• Sealed Access panels are created / opened to improve the cleaning.
• Truck mounted with high capacity vacuum is connected to your duct system
• Corner guards, drop sheets and register covers are used as necessary.
• System is cleaned in “zones” using Viper system safe cleaning method (duct cleaning).
• 150-250 PSI Viper is used in every duct.
• System is tested for ignition and fan operation.
• The outside of your furnace is cleaned.

Last, technicians will suggest any improvements or changes that might benefit your home heating / cooling system.

Best duct cleaning service with Furnace Cleaning Calgary