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Furnace Cleaning in Airdrie

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Duct Blasters – Clean your furnace for better temperatures

Furnaces are quite an important part of our lives. These systems help to keep us warm and cozy. However, a lot of soot and dust is collected within the furnaces. These need to be cleaned to ensure that the sanitization of your home is maintained. Duct Busters offers premium furnace and duct cleaning services in Airdrie.

Importance of cleaning furnace

Furnace cleaning is important to remove the dirt that covers the same. Furnaces run over time and they collect quite a large amount of dust. This dust may seep into the sensitive parts of the furnace and damage the same. Thus, cleaning the furnace is essential.

✓ Cleaning furnace keeps them healthy

Furnaces run longer when they are cleaned. The dust from the furnace when removed ensures that all the parts can function smoothly within the same.

✓ Improves the safety of your home

Often tied dusty exchangers in furnaces may crack up prematurely due to dust. Cleaning a furnace assures that this never occurs. It ensures that your living environment is secure and safe.

Duct Cleaning Company in Airdrie

Steps of furnace cleaning:

Duct Blasters provides leading services for furnace cleaning in Airdrie. The steps involved are:

Primary Inspection of the furnace: This reveals all the dust soot and residue that may have accumulated over time in the filter system.

The Blower Assembly need to be cleaned: The blower of the furnace needs to be thoroughly checked. This part specifically is prone to collecting more dust. This is because it creates airflow and pulls air in with foreign dust particles.

Cleaning of the Heat exchanger: Finally, the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. This is important as this block is very sensitive and dust may lead to a breakdown of this system.

Our team of professionals has a wide skill set and provides services that take care of everything for you. Contact us at any given time to get your furnace cleaned.

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I’ve had carpet cleaners and cleaning services in and out of my rental unit, and nobody could get the smell of wet dog out of there from my previous tenants. Duct Blasters came and took care of it for me. I’m 100% satisfied and I will be using them again. - Mary Edwards
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Thanks for your superb job today. This is just to let you know that your technician, Dave, did an awesome job today. He had the right attitude, showed genuine concern, and cared for my needs. He answered all my questions in a professional, respectful, and polite manner. The other guy (Dilian) too was calm and thorough. Great team and I am looking forward to having you next year. - Kunle Lemboye
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Phillp and Aly did a great job. They were professional and also they did a good job cleaning my furnace. - Phillp and Aly did a great job. They were professional and also they did a good job cleaning my furnace.
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How often will my furnace require cleaning?
It is recommended to get your furnace cleaners at least once a year.
When can I contact you?
You can contact us at any given time! We are very responsive, we’ll get back to you immediately.
Does a gas furnace need to be cleaned?
Yes, gas furnaces also accumulate a lot of dust and need to be cleaned once a year at least.
How much does cleaning cost?
There are different types of furnaces, and the cost depends on the same, reach us to get a budget!


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