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Duct Cleaning Services in Calgary

AC Repair Services in Calgary
Duct Blasters – Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Calgary

With time and prolonged usage, an air conditioner gets clogged with dust, dirt, and bacteria, which can hinder its performance and pose health risks. This is when you must opt for an AC repair service in Calgary to remove the dirt and gain optimal coldness.

AC maintenance – An incredible way to maintain indoor air quality and system longevity

A well-maintained AC keeps indoor air toxin-free and clean. As your AC parts face daily wear-and-tear and dirt gathers in the appliance, it becomes less efficient in cooling your space. Thus, regular AC maintenance in Calgary enables you to boost your system’s performance and enhance its longevity.

Regular AC maintenance is a must-have for every home in Calgary

Time-to-time maintenance of your air conditioning system directs to a range of advantages.

✓ Reduces Humidity Indoor: The perks of opting for the best air conditioner repair in Calgary include lowered humidity levels in your home. Thus, it makes your indoor space more pleasant and comfortable to live in.

Improve energy efficiency: A not well-maintained, worn-out AC functions in continuous overdrive to cool your home, consuming more power. Thus, regular AC maintenance in Calgary can help you save bucks on your electricity bills every month.

How Duct Blaster Professionals Do It?

✓ We first inspect the system thoroughly We first perform a thorough inspection of the system to determine the part that is malfunctioning or has accumulated dust and needs repair or maintenance.

✓ We disconnect the AC and remove the parts: After that, our expert technicians disconnect the AC and eliminate the dusty capacitor grille or filter.

We wash the parts to remove dirt : We clean the parts thoroughly with chlorine and soap water to eliminate mould and dust particles and brush off the evaporator coils. Then, we allow the parts to get dried.

✓ We assemble the system and test it : We put back all the cleaned parts into the AC and re-install it properly. Then, we turn it on and test if it’s cooling efficiently.

So, if you are planning to get the best air conditioner repair in Calgary, contact us today!

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I’ve had carpet cleaners and cleaning services in and out of my rental unit, and nobody could get the smell of wet dog out of there from my previous tenants. Duct Blasters came and took care of it for me. I’m 100% satisfied and I will be using them again. - Mary Edwards
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Thanks for your superb job today. This is just to let you know that your technician, Dave, did an awesome job today. He had the right attitude, showed genuine concern, and cared for my needs. He answered all my questions in a professional, respectful, and polite manner. The other guy (Dilian) too was calm and thorough. Great team and I am looking forward to having you next year. - Kunle Lemboye
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Phillp and Aly did a great job. They were professional and also they did a good job cleaning my furnace. - Phillp and Aly did a great job. They were professional and also they did a good job cleaning my furnace.
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Frequently Asked Questions
You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.
What do you do during AC maintenance?
During AC maintenance, we clean the accumulated dust, fix leakage, and replace any faulty AC component.
Is it crucial to service AC every year?
Yes, you must service your home AC at least once a year.
What problems will occur if you don't service your air conditioner?
Although the self-regulating parts of the AC will function, the cooling capacity will be reduced, and the system will start getting more damaged.
When to opt for AC repair service in Calgary?
When your AC blows out warm air, produces strange noises during operation, or causes water leaks, you need to get it serviced and repaired.

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