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Serving proudly Calgary and area since 2004

Expert carpet cleaning performed by friendly & well trained technicians of Duct Blasters. Our truck-mounted cleaning system is the most powerful cleaning system to remove stains, odors, dust mites and more.

The Duct Blasters Cleaning System:

  • Truck mounted, Powerful System
  • Deep cleaning reach
  • Detergent & Chemicals FREE
  • Family and Pet Safe
  • 100% Eco Friendly

Powerful Cleaning, 100% Detergent & Chemical FREE
Our Winning Formula – The Thermorinse® System
Your carpets will be cleaned with the time proven fast drying multi-step Thermo-Rinse®truck-mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. This carpet cleaning method is the most recommended by North America’s leading carpet manufacturers.

Duct Blasters Carpet Cleaning uses a point of entry water purifying system. This system purifies all of the water that is used to clean and purify your carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile & grout, mattresses, and all other hard and soft surfaces. It filters out 99.9% of contaminants, toxins, and heavy metals, including but not limited to chlorine, lead, mercury and Trihalomethanes . Using patented media, our exclusive Thermorinse system reduces mold and fungi in your surfaces. It removes bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, chloramines, and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and chemical residue left behind from other carpet cleaning companies. In fact, PureCleans water purification system removes over 200 contaminants that can be found sometimes in normal tap water.

The result: 100% eco-friendly clean, odorless, soft, surfaces for your home or business WITHOUT residue.

HomeSafe™ Carpet Cleaning – Detergent Free Cleaning

We do not use detergents or shampoos that leave behind harmful chemical or soap residues in your carpets or fabrics.

The unique Carpet Cleaner System turns all soils and residues into free rinsing soaps and is the perfect rinse aid to neutralize alkali or acid residues from carpets and upholstery. The Rinse is non-toxic and compatible with hypersensitive individuals. Self-neutralizing squeaky clean carpets are the result!

Highlights of the Thermorinse® System:
• Removes the toughest stains and odors
• Kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and persistent smells
• Prolongs the life of the carpets
• All with a 100% detergent free & eco friendly system

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