Air Duct Cleaning – Protect your Home from Indoor Air Pollution

Air Duct Cleaning – Protect your Home from Indoor Air Pollution

Air Duct Cleaning – Protect your Home from Indoor Air Pollution

Air duct is the one of the important elements that every building has, and depending on the season of the year provides a pathway for the flow of cool as well as warm air. It pulls in air from rooms through a regulator and filters, cool or heat it and then transfer it right back to your living or working space at the desired temperature.

Air contains dirt, grime, dust and other undesirable particles .Over the time if the duct is not properly maintained and cleaned it can accumulate the considerable amount of dust that can stand up in the way of air that is transferred to our homes and living space. So, It’s become very important to keep your air ducts cleaned because their condition contributes to the good air quality inside your home.

There is a wide range of unexplained health issues those are related to poor air quality those make it necessary to clean the duct sooner than later because the air quality in your home has a tremendous effect on your health.

Remodeling of home can add functions, forms and value to your home as well as increasing the quality of life, but these long term projects create a lot of dust that causes asthma, respiratory illnesses or severe allergies. So, there are many preventative measures those can help to maintain the quality of air.

  • Zip walls are plastic sheet used at under construction places to keep dust and debris inside the room to prevent it spreading out throughout your entire home.
  • Sticky mats can be used for the entry and exit of under construction areas to reduce the cleaning of under construction area.
  • During construction there are many power tools those are used for cutting create a lot of sawdust and other debris. So, now power tools companies started adding dust extractors to suck up the dust as soon as the power tool creates it.
  • An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and/or chemicals from the air within a given area etc.

Benefits of timely duct cleaning and maintenance

A Cleaner Smelling Home: Air duct holds smell from the dust and dirt that spread throughout your home and become worse with time.Cleaning the air duct can significantly improve the quality of your indoor air.

Reduce energy cost: Leaking duct reduces the efficiency of your HVAC unit. During regular maintenance sealing your duct can help prevent leaking air and the costs associated with it.

Protecting your home: Your whole family can feel the health benefits that come with clean duct.

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